Residents & Interns

Since its start in 2002, Marysville Grace has utilized interns and residents to not only grow our ministry but to give practice and experience to young people who have been called into ministry. These interns and residents have had the opportunity to be trained in the everyday work of ministry and given the chance to better understand and expand their gifts, talents, and skills before entering full time ministry. 

To date, we are excited that we have been instrumental in the development of over 10 individuals, 
most of whom are now serving in full time ministry. 



To invest in people called into full time vocational ministry. Stewarding the resources we have into faithful, intentional, leadership development for next generation of local church leaders.


  • Four-year Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree
  • Desire and ability to pursue secondary degree
  • Calling on life into vocational ministry of some kind
  • Leadership potential


The two-year residency program at Marysville Grace provides a combination of hands-on ministry experience and academic training to equip residents for a future position in the local church.  In terms of compensation, each resident is provided a yearly salary totaling approximately $20,000.  However, in addition, Marysville Grace provides the full amount over the two-year program for each resident to complete an online ministry-related master’s degree at an approved seminary.  This academic stipend is intended to cover books, tuition, supplies, and any other costs which may be associated with seminary courses.  Previous residents have enrolled in a variety of seminaries, including Grace Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Liberty University’s School of Divinity.  While completing a master’s degree, residents are also given multiple opportunities to observe and engage in the many ministries of Marysville Grace.  Hands-on experiences include hospital visitation, discipleship, counseling, teaching, preaching, staff meetings, weekend worship music, youth ministry, and administration.