j.a.m. studio kids


  • loves them more than they can imagine...
  • forgives them no matter what...
  • is bigger than any problem...
  • gently leads them...
  • will never leave them...

We believe that parents should be able to leave their children in the care of our adult volunteers with confidence. Every adult volunteer is required to complete an application process that includes a background check. Each child is checked in each time he or she visits our classes. This provides security, individual attention, and good communication of allergy and medical needs. A numbering system alerts parents if their child needs attention during the service.

If you are checking your child in for the first time, J.A.M. Studio Kids Registration is located in the carpeted space adjacent to our main Gathering Area where you find yourself when you enter through the main doors. Afterwards, you can check in at either the upstairs or downstairs computers.

Check out our events for children here.

our classes

The curriculum we use is called Orange from the reThink Group. Learn more about it by visiting whatisorange.org!

  • unplugged

    0- 24 Months

    In the earliest stages of life, children are not plugged in to God because they don't know Him yet. Our caring volunteers show each of our infants and toddlers how much God loves them with extra special attention to their needs in a special, safe, and comfortable environment. Here they are free to explore and express themselves as they discover that they can know God and plug into Him!

  • tuned

    2 years - kindergarten

    During this time of life, kids can learn to start listening, or “tune in” to God instead of listening to the world. Our teachers bring lots of creative interaction to engage the hearts, minds, and hands of little ones in learning about the love of God in this world and in their lives. 

  • amped

    1st - 4th grades

    It's time to take learning the Word of God to the next level! Kids start learning how God and the Bible really do apply to their lives. Lessons are age appropriate and the activities are diverse as our teachers  guide children into a deeper understanding of how God and the Bible really do apply to their everyday lives.

  • fused

    5th & 6th grades

    The tween years are a time when Truth and Faith can be solidified in the hearts and minds of our children in order to prepare them before they enter their teens. Our teachers are committed to our 5th & 6th Graders and strive to present lessons in a very relevant way while having lots of fun together!



We value our families with special needs kids, and it's our goal to provide a safe place for your child (infant through 6th grade) to learn how much God loves him or her, so that you can attend Weekend Worship services. 

We also have some family events throughout the year, which allows parents with special needs kids to get to know each other, relax, and have fun together! We would love to get to know you, so please contact Cheryl Byers, JAM Studio Kids Director, by filling out the form below.

Parent-child dedication

Parent-Child Dedication is an opportunity to celebrate a young child and to commit yourselves as parents to “train up” your child in a way that will honor God. Parent-Child Dedication is more than an event. It is an opportunity for you to take some time at the beginning of your journey as a parent to really think about what will matter the most in the life of your child, to decide what you value and what you can do today to have the greatest impact on your child's future.

No one will have more influence on your child than YOU! We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. It is our hope that we can partner with you from the very beginning. We will encourage you and resource you to raise your child to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Parent-Child Dedication is offered a couple times a year. Our Parent Orientation Class is required for any families desiring to dedicate their child(ren) and will be available prior to our next Dedication.

Check out our events listing to see when our next Dedication and Orientation Class will be offered.