To show those who are struggling that people care. When a person is experiencing loss, illness, hardship, stress, to show them that we as a church family recognize their need, we care and we are taking action. To be the hands and feet of Christ.


Serve on a September through August schedule to be part of a rotation for making meals. The average is around once a month but may vary based on the number of people on the team and the number of needs of the church family. When a need is communicated, volunteers are asked to pick a day to deliver a meal. Meal prep and delivery are based on the volunteer's availability.


To prepare or purchase a meal and deliver to the recipient. To deliver in disposable containers to reduce the impact of washing and returning dishes for the family in need. Communicate with the coordinator. Adjust some meals based on allergies or dietary needs.


Gifts of administration, hospitality, prayer are all involved in this ministry.