Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Worker. These are just a few of the titles and responsibilities men carry. At Marysville Grace, we believe that they are all best wrapped in the title, Disciple. As men know and follow Jesus, He transforms their lives with the strength, wisdom, and integrity to navigate successfully the challenges and opportunities that are presented to them each day. Encouragement and accountability with other men is a key element of the process.

Throughout  the  Year

The following opportunities and events are designed to encourage you to connect with other men in venues that you will be able to talk, learn, and grow. See our current list of events here.


Bible Studies provide an atmosphere to make lasting friendships, study God’s word, and learn from compelling teaching. It is an opportunity to share life and pray for each other. Through the study of the word of God we align our hearts together with God. When this happens, our relationships become deeper and we can encourage each other and at the same time hold each other accountable in love.

We enjoy trap and bow shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, sporting events, etc. together. Join us to connect, have fun, and spend time together. 


We have annual men's retreats that typically include four wheeling, fishing, kayaking, hiking and biking. We also have times of worship and Bible study together.


We're about to launch our latest Men's ministry addition where we will glean wisdom about life from our elder statesmen in the church.