sound &
tech team


To facilitate a welcoming and cohesive audio and visual experience for our church. We strive to create a corporate worship environment where people feel free to praise God in the ways they are called alongside the church community.



At least once a month on the schedule, which may include a Thursday practice and either Saturday or Sunday services. This schedule is for one year and runs September through August.



Volunteers will primarily be responsible for mixing the live worship team music or progressing the lyric slides for members of the congregation to follow along. Other responsibilities include recording sermons, communicating with JAM Studio Kids, supporting JAM Studio Kids A/V, and limited availability to support other events requiring an A/V technician. Volunteers are expected to arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to services beginning for sound check and run-through with the worship team. Volunteers should expect to be at all services on the days they are scheduled.  



Members of this team must have computer and technology skills including knowledge of macOS, various computer software, peripheral connections, and the ability to troubleshoot technology issues; musical ability is helpful, but not required. Members should be detail oriented and able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.