worship team


To lead our church together in corporate expression of unity in praising, thanking and singing the truths about and to our God. Everything we do as a team has this in mind.


At least once a month on the schedule, which includes a Thursday practice and either Saturday or Sunday services. This schedule is for one year and runs September through August.


This is a visible ministry where you are leading other people, because of this all members of the worship team sign a commitment to live in a way that is an example for those around them. They also commit to good communication and preparation for their particular instrument/part in the music, prior to practice on Thursday nights.


Members of this team must have musical ability. Vocalists must be able to sing harmony without hesitation and learn specific parts. Musicians must be able to read chord charts, play proficiently with a band and take musical direction from the leader. Worship team auditions are held twice per year.