We worship God through all aspects of life, including giving

Giving At Grace

As followers of Jesus, we desire to have hearts of generosity. We believe that we have freely received and should also freely give. We desire to continue to grow as givers because this is the heart of God. Along with that comes the responsibility of stewardship.

Each year, our ministry leaders and finance team work together to create an annual budget. This budget is then presented to our elders team that reviews and recommends it to the church body for review, questions, and approval. This is a process of accountability, transparency, and ultimately integrity.

Reports and approved budgets are available for review from the church office at any time.

How To Give

Giving can be done during the offering time in our services or through the form below.


Giving Details


Once on the giving page, click the Login link at the top of the page. Here you will simply enter your email address. You will then receive a verification email at the address you entered. Then, you will click the Login Now donor link to be taken back to the donation site.

Here you will be able to change or update any of your personal information and add your donation preferences. You will also be able to set up your recurring donations and access your giving history and statements. You can also make one-time donations by clicking the Donate link at the top left of this page.


Setting up online giving using credit or debit cards is very easy. From your donor page, simply click on Add credit/debit card under the Payment Methods section. You can then set the frequency of your donation as you like or simply use the card for one-time donations.


Donating through your bank account is called an ACH (sometimes known as an eCheck). ChurchCenterOnline takes extra steps to ensure safety by verifying your bank account.

After verifying your email address (as described above), you will be able to, from your donor page, click on Add Bank Account under the Payment Methods section. Here you will go through a simple process of entering your bank account information. ChurchCenterOnline will then have to verify your bank account.

First, you will receive an email. Please save and read the email carefully and follow the instructions to complete the initial set-up of your ACH donation. The steps you will need to take are as follows:

  1. Within one or two days of beginning the verification process, you’ll receive two small deposits into your bank account from Marysville Grace totaling less than $1.
  2. Once those deposits post to your account, you’ll return to our donation website and enter those deposit amounts. Then your account will be verified and you’ll be ready to donate!
  3. A few days later, our processing company will recoup those deposits in a single withdrawal from your account.