Mission & History

Our mission is to Learn It, Live It, and Give It

Our Mission


We believe that, as Christians, we have to know the Gospel, and knowing the Gospel starts with knowing who God is. We need to know who He is and what He has done for us, and what that means in our lives.


We believe that being a Christian means living out the Gospel in community with each other that we must both know others and allow ourselves to be known. It is in our relationships that we begin to apply the principles of the Christian life.


We believe that the Gospel is meant to be given that it compels us as Christians to serve each other and to share with the world. To give freely that which has been given to us, and to love each other and our community with the love of Jesus.

The “It” is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Charis Fellowship

The Charis Movement, comprised of leaders and churches commonly known as Grace Brethren, traces its family roots back to Germany, where in 1708 a small group of sincere Christ-followers committed to form a church that would be faithful to the teachings of the Old and New Testament. Yet, we recognize that our spiritual foundations are built upon the broader work of godly men and women throughout history who have faithfully labored to interpret and apply God’s truth. While different expressions of our beliefs have been drafted throughout our history, we have consistently affirmed our unwavering loyalty to Jesus Christ, the Living Word, and to Holy Scripture, the Written Word, as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Throughout the centuries, our movement has known glorious times of progress and sad times of distraction over secondary issues. By the grace of God, today we are a global family of churches that shares a common commitment to understanding the Word of God (Biblical truth), to living as the People of God (Biblical relationships), and, to fulfilling the Purposes of God (Biblical mission). This threefold commitment is shared throughout the geographically and culturally diverse congregations that identify with us. 


Marysville Grace Brethren Church began as a church plant from the Powell (OH) Grace Brethren Church. In 2002, Powell GBC hired Pastor Clancy Cruise to move his family to Marysville and begin a new congregation. The church held its official launch in September 2003 at Navin Elementary School with faith in God’s provision and direction. Marysville Grace currently averages close to 900 people at its Weekend Worship times and has shared its resources with ministries in Africa, Europe, and North America.