Student Ministry

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Our student ministry exists to help young people build a faith that is personal, relational, and relevant. We are committed to meeting you where you are and equipping you to be a faithful follower of Christ for the rest of your life.

Ministry Philosophy

We believe that parents have been given the primary responsibility by God to prepare their teens for a life of faith. In addition, we believe a network of caring adults who model and reinforce the truth of the Bible can be a tremendous aid. All of our volunteers are committed to modeling a Christ-like life for our students and teaching them, through word and example, to grow in their faith in God.

We also believe it is beneficial for students to engage with other believers of the same age. We want our students to engage in Christian community in the church so they can be supportive of one another in their schools and broader communities.

Our Events


The third Sunday evening of every month, our 7th–12th grade students come together for this exciting event with live music, great food, fun games, and excellent teaching. We meet every month except for January at the church, 6–8:30pm.


Life Groups for both middle school and high school meet on a regular basis throughout the month in the homes of our youth leaders. Each group has multiple youth leaders there to lead the group in discussion, activities, and to help facilitate the growth of each student in the group. 


This event is the Wednesday after GSM Live and is for 9th-12th grade students. This night is focused on building relationships and connecting high school students together. We are intentional with the games, activities, and structure of the night so that it facilitates students truly engaging with one another. While most of the night is spent enjoying time together, we also have a devotional and prayer time, both of which also facilitate relationships. 


There are many topics and issues that high school students face today that need to be addressed from a Biblical perspective. The purpose of GSM Juniors and Seniors is to discuss these challenging topics, since many of them are not appropriate for younger students. We address mature topics that students deal with in their schools and will face even more directly in college and the workplace. The goal of this meeting is to equip students with a Biblical worldview and help them make their faith their own. We meet the first Sunday of each month at 6:30pm at Pastor Bryce’s house. 

Camps & Conferences

We also offer multiple camps and conferences throughout the year. Please contact Pastor Bryce or our church office for more information.

YouTube Channel

If you missed a Life Group session, catch up on our YouTube Channel!

The GSM Life Podcast

This is a podcast specifically for our students here in Marysville. There are various topics and questions that are relevant to students' lives, and there is simply not enough time to address them in Life Groups and GSM Live. Therefore, we produce the podcast to address miscellaneous things that we believe are helpful to students. From gossip to honoring parents to school dances, we want to equip students with Biblical knowledge about all areas of life - and have a good time doing it!