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Class Descriptions


Offered periodically throughout the year, Discover Grace is a great place to learn the foundational beliefs that Marysville Grace is built upon and that are essential to every believer. We’ll discuss the basics of a Christian worldview and why we believe it is so important that we Learn It, Live It, and Give It, as well as how we carry out each of those steps. You’ll also learn more about what it means to be part of the Marysville Grace family and how you can connect. If you're newer to Marysville Grace or have been around for a while and want to solidify your understanding of the basics of Christianity, this class is for you! 


This class leads us in a study of the thematic structures of the Bible. For example, Old Testament - New Testament structure, Bible genre, basic Bible study methods, and various interpretive clues like authorship, historical context, literary context, and people groups, as well as a full Bible timeline. 


Parenting can be hard. Technology can be helpful, but it also makes things a lot more difficult. If you have a child, from infant through 12th grade, you will be equipped with some resources and insights into this new world that we are living in and learn how to parent through it. Whether you are a seasoned parent or a new one, this class is for you! We desire to come alongside of you to converse and encourage while you navigate and direct your children in the years to come.


What are your spiritual gifts? In this class, you will learn what the Bible says the different gifts are and what those mean. You will analyze how God has uniquely made you to serve Him so you can more clearly follow His calling in your life.


The Gospel isn’t theoretical or lofty, and it's not reserved for the academic or the theologian. It's the most practical, relevant and accessible message of the Bible. In this class, you will learn what the Gospel truly is and be equipped with insight and skill to bring it into your everyday life - living it and sharing it with your family, friends, and neighbors.


How different would your life be if you lived on a budget, were debt free, and were able to give more to others? During Money Matters you will explore how to create a financial vision that will free you to manage your finances the way God intended. You will learn how to set financial goals, create a budget, invest in the future, and be generous with the resources God has given you. Money Matters will help you move forward to financial freedom.