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Thinking about visiting? We’d love to have you!

New to Marysville Grace?

You might be wondering: “What’s it really like?"

We are a church that seeks to follow God as He's shown us in His Word and Gospel. If you join us at one of our weekend worship services, you can expect:

  • The friendly faces of volunteers who will make you feel welcome.
  • A relevant biblically based sermon in a comfortable, casual environment.
  • A loving community excited to learn and worship alongside you!

Whether this is your first time stepping foot in a church, or you've been involved in Christian community for decades, Marysville Grace is a safe place to grow, seek out answers, and find meaningful, biblical friendships.

Weekend Worship Services

Saturdays at 5pm

Sundays at 9am & 11am

When you park and enter, we will warmly welcome you because we’re genuinely excited to have you with us! You can grab coffee or other refreshments before the service, and if you have a child or children with you, you can check them into their class(es).

The service includes worship music, fellowship time, and learning from the Bible through a sermon. After the service, you can pick up your children from their classes and hang out with friends before heading out. 

Our Children's Ministry


Your child, depending on age, will play, do crafts and activities, engage in lively and worshipful music, and learn a story from God’s Word!

We believe that parents should be able to leave their children in the care of our adult volunteers with confidence. Every adult volunteer is required to complete an application process that includes a background check. Each child is checked in each time he or she visits our classes. This provides security, individual attention, and good communication of both allergy and medical needs. A numbering system alerts parents if their child needs attention during the service.

If you are checking your child in for the first time, registration is located in the carpeted space adjacent to our main Gathering Area. After you have registered for the first time, you are able to check in upstairs or downstairs anytime you come.

Want to Connect With Us?

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Want to Know More After Visiting?

We want to meet you! Almost every month throughout the year, our pastors host a New Attender Dinner. This carry-in dinner is a great place to get to know our pastors and others in the church better, to learn more about Marysville Grace, and to ask us any questions you may have!

Visit our Event page to sign up for the next dinner!